VSN Events

Traditional & Creative Empty-Hand & Weapons Forms

  • Jr. & Adult 18 — 39 Black Belt Dvisions only

  • Adult 40+ will feature only traditional empty-hand and weapons forms.

Forms Grand Championships

  • Junior Black Belt Weapons
  • Men's Black Belt Weapons
  • Women's Black Belt Weapons
  • Junior Black Belt Empty Hand Forms
  • Men's Black Belt Empty Hand Forms
  • Women's Black Belt Empty Hand Forms

Sparring Grand Championships

  • Men's Black Belt
  • Women's Black Belt

Synchronized Kata

Kids' Flag Sparring

  • Under belts, ages 12 & younger
  • Each competitor has 4 "flags."
    • Flags are made from 1-foot long belt sections.
    • These are tucked between the competitor's rank belt and uniform top.
  • Rounds are 60 seconds long.
    • competitors maneuver around the ring attempting to remove opponent's flags and leave them on the floor.
  • No grabbing or pulling on opponent's uniform or rank belt.
    • Competitors should seek to grasp only the flags.
    • Competitors may block, and guard their flags, but may not hold them in place.

Additional Events

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